What To Pack For Lisbon

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What To Pack For Lisbon

What To Pack For Lisbon​

So you are heading to Lisbon for a few days. Exciting! Here are some tips on what to bring. Some will be obvious but there may be some items you didn’t think of…

A jumper or a hoodie – Yes it may be scorching during the day but at night it’s another story. Once the sun set the air can get cool pretty quickly and it you are going out for the evening some warmer layers will definitely be needed. Being on that Atlantic coast the wind can also be strong and cool.

Sensible footwear – Ladies, forget about wearing high heels in Lisbon unless you plan not to walk anywhere. The hills can get very steep and the pavements are made up of small tiles which can get very slippy should it rain. Most sneakers have good enough grips although we find Converse can see you sliding on down a hill every now and then.

Sunglasses – This may seem obvious but Portugal’s sun is extremely bright, especially if you’ve just landed from a colder country.

Sunscreen – Portugal has over 320 sunshine days a year and even in the winter months the sun can feel quite strong. Plus with a cool wind you may feel the sun is not as strong as it is but have a red face at the end of the day!

Swimwear – Lisbon is situated near so many great beaches be sure you make some time in our sightseeing schedule to check them out. We recommend Cascais/Estoril for a pleasant day away from Lisbon or head of Costa da Caparica if you wish to surf.

What To Pack For Lisbon

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