What to wear in Lisbon.

If you are planning a trip to Lisbon you may be unsure of what kind of clothes to
pack. Here we help you ensure you bring the right things!

What to wear in Lisbon? Here are our favourite tips...

Windproof jacket. Yes, Lisbon is super sunny and the sun can feel very hot at times but Portugal´s capital can get windy. Lisbon is built in seven hills so as you journey around the capital, especially if you head to the view points it’s always good to have a windproof jacket in your luggage. The coastal areas near Lisbon can also get very windy as Portugal is on the Atlantic Ocean! So definitely take your windproof jacket if you head to the beaches.

Once the warm sun goes down the temperature soon drops. Even in summer months you usually need a hoodie or cardigan for going out at night! So in the autumn we would definitely suggest taking a warm cardigan or jumper out with you. Just look at what the Portuguese are wearing and copy them! Also many Portuguese buildings do not have heating, so it does get chilly indoors at night, although in summer this is a blessing.

The sun in Portugal is bright, especially in Lisbon (the City of Light!) so sunglasses during the day are a must. That goes for sunscreen aswell.



Comfortable shoes. Lisbon is known for its steep hills and cobbled streets, so comfortable, sturdy shoes with a good sole are a must! Converse and Vans can see you slipping around on the pavement after it rains so take care, because those small Portuguese cobbled paths can be treacherous after a downpour. We prefer more walking / hiking shoes, especially those from Decathlon.

But our best top tip for your Lisbon wardrobe is layering. T-shirt, with a hoodie or sweater or jacket…..the temperature in Lisbon fluctuates throughout the day, with hot sun, then chilly wind, then more sun! So we always layer up so we are dressed for all temperatures.


We hope these tips will help you remain comfortable as you explore this marvellous city and we wish you a great trip! 

What to wear in Lisbon

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