Serra da Estrela Mountain Trip, Overnight Experience – Classic Portugal

Our unique mountain trip has been designed to give you a local, authentic Portuguese experience. Discover the mountain, the forests and the community with our partners, Casa Cerro da Correia.

Serra da Estrela is Portugal’s highest mountain and is the perfect setting for a few days relaxing and experiencing nature. With a rare beauty and deep silence this stunning mountain is home to a diverse array of birds, plants and sheep. A Natural Park, Serra da Estrela is excellent for hiking and has over 375km of marked trails. Local heritage conservation and revitalisation of the land and the people is truly dynamic here, as our Experiences show: typical activities, local products and community stories are all here for you to discover.
Situated in the heart of Serra da Estrela your accommodation is a stunning country house with a beautiful view over the Zêzere River and Glacier Valley and Manteigas village only a short drive away. Surrounded by oak, pine and chestnut trees the house is quiet and comfortable. Facilities include living area, kitchen, garden, patio, orchard and vegetable garden. Your hosts will be a local couple, Inês and Miguel who both share a deep passion and knowledge of the area.
All Experiences are offered in English, Portuguese and Spanish and dedicated to exploring the senses and discovering how the delicate ecosystem of Serra da Estrela lives and transforms:
Follow the Shepherd
On this Experience you will follow the footsteps of a traditional Portuguese shepherd and his herd, as he looks for the greenest pastures. Be part of the shepherd’s working day, listen to his stories and enter into communion with nature. At the end of the hiking activity upon arriving at the pasture, you will share a small meal with him.
Bring – water, sunscreen, comfortable hiking clothes and shoes
Level – medium to hard
Serra de Estrela Cheese Tasting
At dusk you will sample the cheeses of Serra da Estrela, whilst overlooking the Zêzere Glacier Valley. Chosen for you are a very special selection of sheep and goat cheeses from Serra da Estrela region. We’ve also chosen some regional wines influenced by the same meteorology, geology and water as the milk used in the production of Serra da Estrela cheese.
Explore The Senses
Let’s explore the senses with what nature has to offer. When we go into the forest there is much more to do than walk. All that surrounds us is a stimulus to meet nature, cultivate our senses, develop our focus and attention, and discover the silence in and around us.
Bring – water, sunscreen, comfortable hiking clothes and shoes
Paint with Natural Paints
On a walk through the forest we will look for pigments to make natural paints. All the senses are alert while discovering the different colours made available to us by nature. After we will paint whatever our imagination feels like, inspired by the mountains and the woods.
Bring – water, sunscreen, comfortable hiking clothes and shoes
Manteigas Visit
Manteigas is a village and a community profoundly shaped by Serra da Estrela mountains, the grazing of sheep and goats, and the textile industries. Our first visit will be to the textile factories. These factories produce high quality fabrics with contemporary designs and still use beautiful, vintage machines, taking us back in time and history. Next we will visit the kennels of the most beautiful and purest breed of dog: the Serra da Estrela Shepherd Dog.
Walking through the forest we will search for the wild produce it has to offer us. Depending on the season, the gifts that we forage amongst the trees will change. In the spring and summer you’ll learn all about natural and medicinal herbs, in autumn you’ll find mushrooms, wild berries and many other tasty foods. All of them will be essential to making some traditional, family recipes back at the house.
Bring – water, sunscreen, comfortable hiking clothes and shoes
Please Note:  Depending on the weather conditions and the ability of the group, we can follow a different plan or cancel an event. In that case, we will contact the guests and present an alternative date/hour

2 & 3 Nights Packages
Day 1
Arrive in Serra da Estrela and check in
Afternoon: Experience, Follow The Shepherd. In the winter we begin at 10h30, but during the summer we usually begin at 7h. (Meal included)
Experience, Explore The Senses In The Woods.
Day 2
Morning: Breakfast
Experience: Paint With Natural Paints
Afternoon: Free time
Sunset: Experience, Serra da Estrela Cheese Tasting
Day 3 (2 nights package)
Morning: Breakfast
Check out
Day 3 (3 nights package)
Morning: Breakfast. Experience, Manteigas Visit. We visit the village and the factories (this tour usually starts at 11h) and the Serra da Estrela Shepherd dogs kennel.
Afternoon: Experience, Glean the forest. Foraging is possible in spring, summer and autumn but not in the winter. (Please note should you wish to foraging for mushrooms there is an extra cost as we hire a biologist specialising in mushrooms).
Dinner: If we go foraging, we can make dinner or a small snack at home with what we’ve picked.
Day 4
Morning: Breakfast
Check out


No. of People2 nights3 nights
2690 €  830€
3880 € 1,200 €
41,080 €1,400 €
51,300 €1,600 €
61,530 €1,860 €
71,600 €1,900 €
81,680 €2,080 €
Packages Include
2/3 nights accommodation
Bed linen and towels
Daily breakfast
Tea and coffee
Access to patio, garden, orchard and vegetable garden
4/6 experiences
Taxes and Insurance
Optional Extras
Meals can also be provided: brunch, lunch and picnics are made on request.
Should you wish for a private transfer service from Lisbon to Serra da Estrela, this can be arranged at an extra cost.
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