Most beautiful Portuguese villages.

Step back in time and visit the most stunning locations in Portugal.

Rolling hills, historic architecture, tasty local cuisine, tales of knights & invasions, Portugal's villages are the place of fairytales. Here´s our top 6 most beautiful Portuguese villages...


Located between Castelo de Vide and Portalegre, in the protected park of Serra de São Mamede, Marvão is not fair from the border with Spain. A beautiful walled village the narrow streets are lined with quaint little white Alentejo-style houses. Enjoy the amazing views from the crest of the hill, visit the castle and taste the delicious local dishes. There is also a luxurious hotel now; the Pousada de Santa Maria for you to stay in. In November the village holds the Chestnut Festival, which is a perfect occasion to experience the local customs and learn more about the local community.

Piódão village in Portugal

Close to the border with Spain, the hilltop village of Monsaraz is a charming medieval walled village where you really feel as though you have stepped back in time. Overlooking the impressive Alqueva Reservoir, this village is one of the most beautiful locations in the Alentejo regions. Monsaraz was once home to the Celts, Romans, Visigoths, the Moors and then handed over to the Knights Templar. This is most definitely one of the best villages to visit in portugal and a great place to stop when exploring the area.

Monsaraz Alentejo

Obidos is a place of ancient legends and miracles. Enter through the walls of the most romantic village in Portugal and experience some of what it was like to live in medieval times. This beautiful medieval village is a fine example of a traditional, Portuguese walled town. A bustling street, lined with shops selling crafts and gift items is the main street of Obidos. It leads to the Igreja de Santa Maria and Praca de Santa Maria, the main church of Obidos is positioned in a quaint, picturesque square before leaving on up the hill to the castle.

Obidos Village

With its distinct houses made of schist stone and grey slate roofs, Piódão is an incredibly picturesque mountain village. Located in the Coimbra district of Portugal, inhabitants started to settle here around the 14th century. Difficult to reach but well worth the trip! Before the 1970s you could only access the village on foot or by horse. Wander up the villages levels, through narrow winding streets to discover the village museum, church and magnificent views! Be sure to taste local `cajadas´ – milk tarts.

Piódão village in Portugal

Probably one of the most iconic Portuguese villages, Monsanto is famous for its granite cottages, squeezed inbetween huge rock boulders. Tiny streets are carved out of the rock, rising up the hill known as Mons Sanctus. Located in the Castelo Branco region, Monsanto is only miles from the border with Spain. Inhabitants date back to Paleolithic times! Templar monks took the village from the Moors in the 12th century and built the fortified castle which you can still see the ruins of today.


Lose yourself in the fairytale world of Sintra; the most unique and magical destination in Portugal. Visit Castelo dos Mouros; the 10th century castle built by the Moors. Walk the outer wall from which you can admire views over the whole Sintra area. The National Palace of Pena; a fairytale palace which sits on top of the highest mountain in Sintra and boasts unique architecture with gothic, Egyptian and Moorish influences. The Sintra Natural Park is such a unique and mysterious destination and once home to kings, poets and artists.

Sintra Village Portugal

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