Portugal´s most stunning natural landmarks.

Portugal has some impressive nature. The small mainland and it's islands offer such diverse landscapes, there is so much to discover!

Here is our choice of Portugal's most stunning natural landmarks...

Islet of Vila Franca do Campo, Azores

Our first choice of Portugal´s most stunning natural landmarks is in Azores. Located just off the coast of the island of Sao Miguel in the Azores (Açores), this stunning islet is an uninhabited wonder, rich in vegetation and marine bird species. A beautiful rock formation carved out of the flow of waves from the ocean, the crater features a salt water islet inside. This nature reserve was formed by an offshore ancient submerged volcano. The islet can be reached by boat and you can enjoy the small sandy beach and even snorkel with the fishes! It is a perfect place for swimming and diving. You can book tours and tickets on websites such as Viator.

Islet Vila Franca do Campo, Azores,Portugal
Benagil Caves, Algarve

Probably the most famous sea cave in Portugal, Benagil Cave in the Algarve is a top Portugal landmark. So is it worth all the hype? We think so. Located just to the east of Benagil Beach it is accessed by boat or kayak or paddleboard if you fancy it! Inside the grotto formation, which has taken place over millions of years, you will get the most amazing view of the `eye´ in the ceiling of the cave and marvel at the golden reflections of the sea and sand inside the cave itself. We suggest taking one of the organised boat trips along the coast, so you can visit Benagil and see more of the Algarve coast. 

Poçà da Alagoinha, Azores

Poçá da Alagoinha in Azores is a paradise and worthy of being one of Portugal´s most stunning natural landmarks. Part of the Morro do Alto Forest Reserve Area this idyllic location is of pristine nature. This area is situated on the Azores island of Flores and many describe it as Europe’s Hawaii. The beautiful lagoon is formed at the base of a cliff by several waterfalls. The cliff itself is a deep, green wall of dense vegetation. With dark grey rocks, white foam from the waterfalls, luxuriant green vegetation and crystal blue water this area is a myriad of tropical colours. Swimming is allowed in the lagoon and the best way to get there is by car then a short walk to the trail.

Ponta da Piedade, Algarve

The cliff of Ponta da Piedade in Algarve is a beautiful natural wonder in Portugal. This dramatic headland has been created over many years by the wind and waves. The Algarve orange colour of the limestone rock formations glows against the turquoise ocean below. Admire the rock arches, sea pillars and grottos either from a boat or on the coastlines footpaths. We suggest visiting by boat, as you will enjoy passing under the arches and through the rock formations. But also descending down the 182 steps is a great experience, as you get to admire the fantastic views. You can find Ponta da Piedade around 3km south of Lagos and book some great boat trips on Get Your Guide.

Douro Valley

Portugal´s most famous wine region is simply magnificent. The valley extends across the country to the Spanish border. The sloping hills with terraced vineyards form a patchwork-like pattern across the landscape, with the meandering river flowing throughout. This region has hundreds of species of wildlife and birds many of which are endangered, such as golden eagles and Egyptian vultures! There are many amazing viewpoints such as São Leonardo de Galafura and Casal de Loivos. You can easily access the Douro Valley from Porto and the car ride is around one hour. Another great way to see the area is on a relaxing river cruise! These are extremely popular and a favourite way to visit the many `quinta´s´ (wineries) and historic villages. Our top wine location in Portugal most stunning natural landmarks.

Douro Valley Portugal
Pico do Arieiro, Madeira

Located at 1818m above sea-level, Pico do Arieiro gives a dramatic view over the island of Madeira. With one the world’s best hiking routes it attracts many visitors and is a popular spot at sunrise – simply because it is stunning to watch! The third highest mountain on Madeira, Pico de Arieiro is the most accessible. Rocky peaks rise out of the lush, dense forests and on cloudy days these peaks even arise above a sea of clouds! If you wanted to take the hike which ends at the peaks it´s pretty challenging and takes around 4 hours. Or you can take a private transfer by car which drops you directly at the peaks. A very unique experience of one of Portugal’s natural wonders! Not to be missed.

Pico do Arieiro, Madeira
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