Luxury wine tours in Portugal.

Portugal's wineries can be found all around the country. From fine wines to organic wines, our luxury wine tours in Portugal share with you the best Portugal has to offer...

Wine Tasting Experience

Portugal is home to world-class wine regions; some very established, less well explored including Douro, Dao, Lisbon, Alentejo and Algarve. On a bespoke luxury wine tour in Portugal, you will visit each wine region in a private, luxurious vehicle. Relax in accommodation at the wonderful Quinta´s. Taste the finest gourmet `moments´ in the country plus local, rural dining at the authentic, regional `tascas.´. At the wineries, enjoy private experiences ranging from premium tastings with a wine educator, to making your own wine with an oenologist. Some of our winery partners also offer us bespoke experiences, such as a winery lunch with a family member and even a private river cruise with a wine educator on board, to guide you through the tastings. 


Each of our luxury wine tours in Portugal includes a dedicated tour designer, private chauffeur, excellent hotel rooms with breakfast, all winery experiences and meals.

Douro Valley Wineries

One of our most luxurious wine tours in Portugal includes a visit to the prestigious Quinta Nova de Nossa Senhora do Carmo in Douro; a winery which features its own train station, heliport and boat dock! With a history spanning more than 250 years, the Quinta displays a set of traditional white buildings, still built on different levels today, from where we can appreciate the original winery building dating from 1764, one of the oldest in the Douro region. Alongside the traditional architecture and buildings that are part of the estate’s history, in the first demarcated zone of the Douro, the economic importance of “Feitoria wines” (the Feitoria designation indicated the finest quality wines in the first demarcated region) was assumed from an early age. Surrender yourself to the history and wine tradition of the demarcated Douro wine region and choose from some wonderful experiences including a private guided tour and exclusive tasting with a Wine Educator.

Winemaker Quinta Nova
Wine Tasting Class Luxury Tour Portugal

Another winery we partner with in the Lisbon region is Bacalhôa Estate & Palace. This winery has a unique setting, dating back to the founders of the Avis dynasty including beautiful, Portuguese hand-painted tiles from the XV and XVI centuries. On this private, guided tour you will view unique pieces of the private art collection, passing through the gardens and vineyards to the lakeside house where the very first dated painted tile in Portugal can be found. You may enjoy a light brunch of Azeitao cheese, smoked ham, local bread, mini croquettes, mini patties & `tortas de Azeitao´ – a traditional, sweet eggroll. For the wine tastings, enjoy the Bacalhôa selection of Greco di Tufo White Wine. Quinta da Bacalhôa White Wine, Bacalhôa Syrah Red Wine and Quinta da Bacalhôa Red Wine. A delightful and memorable experience, in a wonderful, historic location on our luxury wine tours in Portugal.

Bacalhoa Winery Luxury Tour

Driving into the Serra de Montejunto mountain range near Lisbon reveals a landscape that enchants the senses. A scenery made from green fields, not only of vineyards, but the blue ocean. Quinta de Chocapalha is nestled in those undulating hills that extend down to the Tagus River. In a private wine experience you have the opportunity to visit the winery, the barrel room and to taste the wines. A member of the Chocapalha family will guide you on this experience. It will be followed by the marvellous Wine Lunch with a family member – authentic Portuguese gastronomy, paired with the finest wines. Such a special and intimate experience that when you leave Chocapalha, it will be with a heart full of joy and a desire to share what you discovered on this luxury wine tour in Portugal.

Quinta da Chocapalha, Portugal
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We are luxury travel designers based in Portugal. Our vision as a company is to offer world-class client services, with meticulously designed travel itineraries and the most luxurious experiences. We will take care of all your needs and desires in Portugal. Our concierge service is available on all luxury bespoke tours and luxury travel. From private tours and fine dining, to intimate experiences and hotel reservations, we take care of it all. Our values are important to us. We are inclusive and culturally aware. We are experienced in working with global clients, always working in a transparent and communicative way and seeking out new ways of engagement and innovation. Our mission to be the leading travel specialists for luxury journeys across Portugal. Please see our full tour programme here.  


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