Gift guide for Portugal travellers.

Authentic products are a must when buying gifts in Portugal

It's easy to come across souvenir shops in the touristic areas of Portugal.

But for those of you wishing to buy authentic Portuguese gifts, here are some fabulous brands we have included in our gift guide for Portugal travellers...


Benamôr is a natural cosmetics brand based in Lisbon since 1925 and tops our list of Portugal gifts. Benamôr’s skincare recipes are formulated with blends of 99% carefully chosen natural ingredient, blending traditional and recognized ingredients with innovative and contemporary natural ingredients such as organ oil, shea butter, Portuguese aloe vera, organic rose extract and beeswax. Products include body cream, face cream, solid soap, shower gel, rose water and purifying masks. You can buy online or visit any of the stores in Lisbon.

Benamor Portugal

Claus Porto candles make perfect gifts from Portugal. Over 133 years and four generations, Claus Porto developed its unique expertise in soaps, colognes, scented candles, home diffusers and men grooming products, crafting a philosophy of authenticity and an incredible portfolio of colourful hand-made labels and design patterns, each with its own unique personality. Each candle has distinctive, stylish design and packaging plus unique scent such as citrus, red berry, green leaves, bergamot, waterlily, jasmin, cedar, amber and musk. It is easy to order online and they ship worldwide.

Claus Candles Porto

With more than 30 stores across Portugal, the gourmet chocolatier Arcadia was established in Porto in 1933. This delicious story began in a tea room that saw the birth and growth of a self-made confectionery and for nearly one century has been serving Portugal and the world beyond. We love the chocolate ‘cat tongues’, the premium flower box and the premium coffee toffees. An exquisite authentic brand on our Gift guide for Portugal list, for all your Portugal gifts online.

Arcadia Chocolate Porto

Burel Factory arose from the need of saving an ancestral heritage in the mountain region of Serra da Estrela. Traditionally, Burel was a fabric worn by shepherds in the form of capes, due to its high resistance and durability. In 2010 the factory reopened as part of a revitalisation project. People who has lost their jobs in the fabric factories where re-employed and Burel factory began to produce garments in 37 colors and an interesting diversity of textures/stitches linked to the Portuguese tradition and culture, applied in rugs, cushions, couvre-pieds, stools, bags, backpacks and other products. You can order your Burel gifts from Portugal online or visit the wonderful stores in Lisbon and Porto.

Burel factory Portugal

A small family-owned coffee roasting company located in Bairro da Madragoa, Lisbon, where tradition has been preserved from the date of its creation. Flor da Selva is a brand whose production maintains the original features that used to characterize the Portuguese coffee in the 50s. This delicious coffee blend is made using firewood and produced naturally, so free of additives. The traditional Portuguese coffee ´Robusta´ range is our favourite, with its full-bodied flavour and you can buy this and more from their online store.

Flor da selva coffee

The ultimate in Portugal gifts has to be the unique “A Ginjinha” bitter cherry liquor from the Lisbon area. The last recommnedation on our gift guide for Portugal. This one, Ginja Sem Rival, meaning ´unrivalled bitter cherry liquor´was created by João Lourenço Cima who died in 1025 but whose establishment is now in the hands of fhis family’s fourth generation and can be found at  no.7, Rua das Portas de Santo Antão in Lisbon. Visit the bar, or order online from the wonderful shop, La Vida Portuguesa.

Ginja Gift Portugal
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