Best luxury bespoke trips to Portugal.

With Portugal's vast and diverse regions, there are many ways to
experience this charming country. These are the best luxury bespoke trips to Portugal...

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When creating a unique journey though Portugal and its wonders, it is always good to consider your interests; for example, gastronomy, wine, art, culture, wellness, history. Secondly, is there a special occasion such as a honeymoon or anniversary? Thirdly, consider the geographical preference. Do you prefer to see nature and beaches? Rural life and local communities? Or stay close to the cities and the monuments? Perhaps you want to experience a little of everything and create a longer bespoke tour across Portugal, rather than stay in a specific area. Portugal has so much to be discovered. From prestigious wineries to chic beach clubs; from sleepy, hidden villages to dazzling city nights; from luxurious spas to Michelin star restaurants, the best luxury bespoke tours must include all the best Portugal has to offer. 

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what should a bespoke tRIP include?

The best luxury bespoke tours in Portugal involve working with a travel designer, who is based in Portugal. Their knowledge and experience of the country, plus their connections, will ensure your itinerary includes unique and exclusive experiences that you would not hear about otherwise. A luxury bespoke tour should always include a number of things: a private chauffeur with a superior vehicle who will guide and serve you for the duration of your trip. Reservations at the most luxurious hotels in Portugal and excellent restaurants, from Michelin stars to rural, Portuguese tascas. We have already mentioned the unique experiences, which are, of course, the main focus of any luxury bespoke tour! Finally a luxury bespoke tour should include excellent support, including a digital itinerary, a designated travel designer who is always contactable throughout your trip and concierge services, so any extras you may need will always be attended to.

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best luxury bespoke tRIPs in portugal

So here are some ideas for the best luxury bespoke tours in Portugal…


Wine Trips are a wonderful way to explore the country and taste the best wines in Portugal as you go. We recommend starting in Douro: the oldest marcated region in the world, travelling down through the Dao wine region to Lisbon. Then, from Lisbon you may journey further south to the Alentejo wine region and all explore those wineries in Arrabida. A perfect way to travel across the differing landscapes and regions, seeing a vast portion of Portugal, plus discovering many wines as you go. Private guided tours and tastings are always available for luxury travellers and the Wine Educators at these wineries will give you a great insight into their winery and the wine region itself. 

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Cultural Trips introduce you to Portuguese culture, past and present. Music specialities such as Fado (the sombre songs of loss and mourning) can be experienced in the clubs and restaurants in major cities. Coimbra has an active jazz scene, as does Porto. Lisbon, the home of Fado, as a number of luxury restaurants, with live Fado performances in the evenings. Portugal is also home to some wonderfully unique museums. We recommend the Tile Museum and the Marionette Museum in Lisbon, for those of you who want to see specific Portuguese artefacts. There is also the wonderful house-museum, Medeiros e Almeida, (not dissimilar to the Frick Collection in New York and the Wallace Collection in London). A very unique place. There is also the stunning murals around the cities, known as Street Art. You can hire a specialist guide for the afternoon and learn more about this growing phenomenon. Then, depending on what time of year you visit, there are many Portuguese Festas (festivals) to attend. Some of the most popular being the Festival of São João in Porto and the Festival Nacional de Gastronomia Santarém.


Historical Trips
As one of the oldest countries in Europe (Lisbon is, in fact, the oldest city in Europe) Portugal is abundant in historical monuments. A historical tour of Portugal can cover the entire country as there is so many palaces, castles, churches, ancient relics, monuments and megaliths to see. Each region holds its own stories, myths and legends of former invaders, religious orders and royalty. The Romans, Visigoths, Moors and Celts are just some of the past powers who have settled in Portugal, leaving a piece of their history with us. Evora, Lisbon, Coimbra, Porto are just some of the most famous destinations to visit on a luxury bespoke historical tour. Venture into the countryside (the interior) to see the hidden relics, such as monks caves in woodland, megalithic stones and tombs, abandoned ancient villages and more. 

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Craft & Artisan Trips
Portugal is rich with traditional crafts and artisans. On a luxury bespoke tour you can even discover and learn about those crafts and traditional ways of working which are under threat. Each region has its own type of artisanal specialities including basketry in the Algarve, black pottery in the Douro, handwoven rugs and ceramic pottery in Alentejo, embroidered bedspreads in Castelo Branco and filigree jewellry in the Minho. Unique experiences at artisan workshops are all part of a luxury bespoke tour. Visiting factories, workshops and sole craftspersons, watching them as the work, all enriches your bespoke trip and offers you wonderful insights into the traditions of Portugal and its people.

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Our vision as a company is to offer world-class client services, with meticulously designed travel itineraries and the most luxurious experiences. We will take care of all your needs and desires in Portugal. Our concierge service is available on all luxury bespoke tours and luxury travel. From private cars, to fine dining to tickets for concerts and sports events, we take care of it all. Our values are important to us. We are inclusive and culturally aware. We believe in social change and equality for all. Inclusion and diversity ignites our creativity, bringing us closer to our clients and our communities. We are experienced in working with global clients, always working in a transparent and communicative way, seeking out new ways of engagement and innovation. Our mission to be the leading lifestyle experts and travel specialists for luxury journeys across Portugal. Please see our full tour programme here.


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