Hilarious non-sensical portuguese expressions

Hilarious non-sensical portuguese expressions

Hilarious non-sensical Portuguese expressions. Here we share some of our favourites. Share these quirky idioms with friends! We hope you are Macacos me mordam!

1. Queimar as pestanas (translated as ´burn the eyelashes´). Meaning ´to read a lot.´

2. Barata tonta (translated as ´silly cockroach´). Meaning ´to be clumsy, silly.´

3. Acordar com os pés de fora (translated as´ wake up with the feet outside´). Meaning ´wake up in a bad mood, to be grumpy.´

4. Muitos anos a virar frangos (translated as ´many years turning chickens´). Meaning ´someone who has a lot of experience.´

5. Macaquinhos na cabeça (translated as ´to have little monkeys in the head´). Meaning ´to be distrustful.´

6. Engolir sapos (translated as ´swallow frogs´). Meaning ´to do something you don’t want to do.´

7. Água pela barba (translated as ´water in the beard´). Meaning ´something that requires a lot of work.´

8. Pão pão queijo queijo (translated as ´bread, bread, cheese, cheese´). Meaning ´it is what it is.´

9. Estou-me nas tintas (translated as ´I´m in the inks´). Meaning ´I don’t give a damn.´

10. Macacos me mordam! (translated as ´monkeys are biting me!´). Meaning ´to be intrigued or surprised.´

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