How To Take Amazing Travel Photos

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How To Take Amazing Travel Photos

Take amazing travels photos not dependent on the kind of camera you have. Most smartphones these days have excellent cameras. It’s more in the technique! So here are our favourite tips for capturing amazing images you will be proud to share…

TIMING – Two of the most popular times of day for capturing stunning travel photos are known as ‘Blue Hour’ and ‘Golden Hour.’ Blue Hour is the short period of time just before the sun rises, giving a soft blue hue to the sky. This light emphasises shadows and outlines objects, which all make for a mysterious setting. Golden Hour is the photographers favourite – sunset. With its warm tones and golden hues it is the perfect light for creating beautiful images.

GET LOST….ON PURPOSE – Take yourself off the beaten track and head into the unknown! This is definitely one way your travel photos will stand out. Whether is be down the side streets of a city or out into nature, just check with the locals you are not heading somewhere unsafe first! 

FRAMING – Get people you look where you want them to look. But how? It’s all about framing. Find your object then frame it within its environment to make it stand out. It’s that simple.

RULE OF THIRDS – A classic photography technique is the Rule of Thirds. Imagine an image broken down into three sections, both horizontally and vertically. Simply place your object in one of these thirds to create an appealing image to the human eye! A popular choice is to place your human in the third left of the image. Look out for images like this 🙂

HUMAN ELEMENT – Speaking of humans, these are an important element to travel photography! People love to imagine themselves in these amazing places, so the trick is to place your human in an anonymous way, not showing their face and turning to face the view or object. Not only does it show a sense of scale (yes, that cave really is that big) it also portrays a ‘follow me’ aspect to the image. Check out Muran Osmann’s Instagram followmetoo hashage which went viral.

EDITING – Whilst editing can turn a good photo into great photo, there are a few key points to keep in mind. 1. Don’t go too heavy. Only make slight changes, else your image will look unnatural. 2. Use the right tools. Editing software will give you more in-depth adjustments and flexbility. Steer clear of preset filters! 2. Work on developing your own style. Very important if you wish your photos to not only stand out and be recognisable, but also to create a strong portfolio.

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