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Top Classic Portugal tours 2022.

Our private tours leave from Lisbon and are a great way for seniors to see the very best the country has to offer. Our cultural Portugal tours include certified guides who will enter all monuments with you, sharing with you the history and culture of Portugal. For those seniors with reduced mobility you will greatly benefit with a guided premium tour, as we assist with access to all monuments. Here are our top Portugal tours for seniors in 2022!

Obidos, Alcobaca, Nazare

Historical, cultural and purposeful, this private tour to Óbidos, Alcobaça and Nazare has it all. This tour includes a Certified Tour Guide, who will enter all monuments with you. Óbidos is a place of ancient legends and miracles. Enter through the walls of the most romantic village in Portugal and experience some of what it was like to live in medieval times. This beautiful medieval village is a fine example of a traditional, Portuguese walled town. Next you will visit the spellbinding, gothic Monastery of Alcobaça where you will learn of some gripping stories. Gothic, impressive and spellbinding monastery. The monastery was one of Europe’s most important monasteries during the monastic age and a centre of religious study and worship for around 1,000 monks. Finally, Nazare is now known for its big wave surfing but this small coastal town has a traditional fishing community. Taste local by trying fresh fish specialities such as grilled sardines and caldeirada at any of the excellent local restaurants. End the day at the famous lighthouse to watch the sunset over the ocean.


Quinta da Regaleira, Sintra, Portugal
Arrabida & Sesimbra Coastal Tour

This coastal tour is a relaxing and mellow way to spend your day in a region of immense beauty just south of Lisbon. Experience historical monuments, a picturesque fishing village, secluded beaches, enjoy amazing views and taste premium wines at a beautiful, historical winery. This beautiful region expands over the southern Setubal peninsular and has towering cliffs, picturesque beaches and ancient ruins dotted amongst the dense mountain vegetation. Founded in 1834 the winery you will visit continues to operate with undiminished passion by the same family. Enjoy a guided tour followed by a premium wine tasting session. Standing high above Setubal, the fort is one of the most notable landmarks of the region. The views are breathtaking. Sesimbra is a typical picturesque, Portuguese fishing village. Walk along the Marginal next to the beach and taste the local speciality ‘Sour Toast.’ There is also the opportunity to visit Sesimbra Castle or the Maritime Museum of Sesimbra. The most westerly point of this region of Portugal, Cabo Espichel is home to a the beautiful lighthouse and some amazing views. This is very much a ´slow travel´ private tour so you can enjoy the coastal region at a slow pace and admire the scenery.

Secluded Arrabida
Tomar & Knights Templar

Journey back in time and discover the history of the Knights Templar Order in Portugal on this private tour. This tour includes a Certified Tour Guide, who will enter all monuments with you. Tomar was established as the religious centre for the Knights Templar by the Grand Master Gualdim Pais in 1160. It is a charming and unique town, located in the center of the country. It is exceptionally pretty, with beautiful tiled pavements, quaint squares, narrow cobbled walkways and beautiful parks and gardens. In Tomar´s design of the town, nothing was left to chance. The oldest urban area is organized in a cross, with a convent at each end and oriented by the cardinal points. The centre is starred by the Praça da República. You will start your day just outside of Tomar and visit the astonishing medieval Almourol Castle by boat, as it is set on a small island in the River Tagus.  Then it’s on to the city of Tomar where you will eat in a Medieval Tavern, and uncover the history of the Knights Templar including the Igreja de São João Baptista, the imposing Order of Christ and the awesome and vast complex of Convent of Christ. 


Tomar River
Monsaraz & Evora

Monsaraz, Ceramic Workshop and Evora tour is both an historical and rural private tour. This tour includes a Certified Tour Guide, who will enter all monuments with you. Monsaraz is a charming, hilltop village with a fortified medieval castle at the south of the village, at the highest point. Made of lime and schist you can hear the echoes of the past in the streets. The village holds many stories of the Knights Templar and it´s brave people. Wander the medieval streets, explore the castle and peruse the beautiful artisan shops. A perfect place to visit in the morning as the village is awakening. A short drive from Monsaraz is the village of São Pedro do Corval, known as Portugal´s largest pottery centre with more than 20 pottery workshops. Here you will enjoy your own ceramics workshop plus have time to wander through all the little stores. Finally, explore the city of Evora and visit the significant monuments, such as the Cathedral of Evora, the Roman Temple of Diana and the Chapel of Bones. Evora was considered a world heritage site by UNESCO in 1986. In the 16th century it was Portugal’s golden age and all kings and queens had residences here. Evora is a beautiful city to walk around and admire the many buildings typical to Evora such as little white houses with tiles and balconies.

Monsaraz Alentejo
Mystical Sintra

Disconnect, unwind and lose yourself in the fairytale world of Sintra on this one day private tour. This tour includes a Certified Tour Guide, who will enter all monuments with you. You will discover the most unique and magical destination in Portugal. A place Lord Byron described as his ´glorious Eden.´ Sintra is a unique and mysterious destination once home to kings, poets and artists. You will visit Castelo dos Mouros; the 10th century castle built by the Moors and the National Palace of Pena; a fairytale palace which sits on top of the highest mountain in Sintra and boasts unique architecture. Then enjoy lunch in romantic Sintra village, which nestled into the pine-covered hills is the perfect spot. . A must-see in the afternoon is  Quinta da Regaleira; an enchanting and mysterious palace offers many surprises and Palácio de Monserrate: a 19th-century mansion with Anglo-Saxon, Indian and Arab architectural influences and a botanical garden which is perfect for resting in after a day of sightseeing. Mystical Sintra is the perfect tour if you want to see the best of Sintra. You will be taken on a wondrous journey of fairytale castles, medieval treasures and magical woodlands.


Quinta da Regaleira, Sintra, Portugal
Discover Lisbon

Classical, majestic, historical and cultural, Lisbon is a truly ancient city. This tour includes a Certified Tour Guide, who will enter all monuments with you.  Built on seven hills the city holds architecture and influences abundant from the Moors, the Romans and the Portuguese Age of Discovery. On this one day private tour you will discover Lisbon´s neighbourhoods and admire the monuments, the views and more including the oldest part of Lisbon, Alfama; the grand downtown area of Baixa/Chiado, including Praça do Comercio and the museum district of Belem. Highlights include the famous hilltop castle Castelo de Sao Jorge, the Santa Justa Elevador, Jeronimos Monastery, Discoveries Monument and Belem Tower. You will also visit the famous Pasteis de Belem pastry shop and taste the wonderful Pasteis de nata. Not to be missed! This tour is a great way to see so much of the city in one day on a private tour.


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