Famous monuments of Portugal.

Portugal´s rich and historical past can be seen through the diverse monuments, positioned across the country.

Here are our top ones to visit...

jeronimos monastery, belem, lisbon

One of our favourite monuments in Portugal, Jeronimos Monastery (or Mosteiro dos Jerónimos in Portuguese) stands proud alongside the manicured gardens in Lisbon´s Belem. A 16th century work of architecture, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is a notable Portuguese monument. Built in 1501 by King Manuel I, the monastery was populated by monks for the Order of Saint Jerome. The monks duty was to give spiritual aid to the sailors setting off to sea from Belem, during Portugal’s Age of Discovery. A symbol of both impressive power and wealth, the gothic architecture is full of elaborate sculptural details and maritime motifs. For opening hours and tickets please see the official website –  Famous monuments of Portugal

Jeronimos Monastery. Belem, Portugal
Pena palace, sintra

This colourful and unique palace is one of the most famous monuments of Portugal. Resembling a fairytale castle, Palácio da Pena, as its known in Portugal, is a fantastic example of 19th century Romantic revivalism with a mixture of Gothic, Manueline, Moorish and Renaissance styles.  Positioned at the top of Monte da Pena in Sintra it was built as a summer palace for the royal family of the time, Dom Fernando of Saxe Coburg-Gotha. He turned the surrounding woodland into a stunning English-style park with a wide variety of exotic plant species – Famous monuments of Portugal

Pena Palace and Park
Alcobaça monastery, alcobaça

Portugal monuments don’t get much bigger than the Alcobaça Monastery. A gothic, impressive and spellbinding monastery, this Roman Catholic complex was founded in the 12th century by King Alfonso. The monastery was one of Europe’s most important monasteries during the monastic age and a centre of religious study and worship for around 1,000 monks. Cistercian architecture at its finest and one of the best examples in the whole of Europe. Make sure to visit the tombs of D. Pedro and D-Inês in the central nave. They are positioned close to each other, so they can meet again on the day of the Resurrection – Famous monuments of Portugal

Alcobaca Monastery
convent of christ, Tomar

Convent of Christ is one our favourite monuments in Portugal. The imposing Order of Christ and the awesome and vast complex of Convent of Christ were the headquarters of the Knights Templar until 1314 and of the Order of Christ from 1357 onwards. Nowadays, the building itself can be considered a museum of the different architectural styles of Portuguese history: Romanic, Gothic, Manueline and Renaissance. The complex is a group of monuments including the castle, hermitage, and an aqueduct – Famous monuments of Portugal.

Convent of Christ, Tomar
belem tower, belem, lisbon

The Belem Tower (Torre de Belém) is one of the most popular and iconic monuments in Lisbon. Built to defend Lisbon between 1514 – 1520 by Portuguese sculptor and architect, Francisco de Arruda, it was later used as a lighthouse and a customs centre. The tower includes pits and holes where prisoners were thrown, a chapel, three halls and a roof terrace. Positioned on the banks of the River Tagus, the tower looks as though it is made of jewels, with typical Manueline architecture and decorative facades – Famous monuments of Portugal.

Belem Tower Portugal

Probably the most intriguing and unique of all Portugal monuments is Evora´s Chapel of Bones. Part of the Igreja de Sao Francisco church complex, this intriguing chapels walls are covered in bones and human skulls – a passage to Heaven or Hell – built by a Franciscan monk in the 16th century. A macabre and eerie tourist attraction the chapel is resting place to hundreds of bodies, all exhumed from the city´s graveyards in the 16th century.  Look out for the chilling inscription at the main entrance which reads, `We, the bones that are here await yours.´ Famous monuments of Portugal.

Chapel of Bones, Evora
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