The beauty of bespoke Portugal

Make memories, share experiences, discover the real Portugal.

Enjoy a custom designed tour individualised to your taste; perfect for the discerning traveller.

As travel designers we create your inclusive and unique itinerary, taking care of every detail. Authenticity is key: we desire to show you the true Portugal, which is why our bespoke tour suggestions include one-off experiences, gastronomy, wine properties, hidden gems, unique monuments, rural living and medieval villages. Our bespoke tours are all inclusive, giving you complete peace of mind. We are Portugal travel experts, on the ground and constantly seeking out new places of inspiration. We take our time to create your tailor-made tour with this step by step process…

1. It’s All About You
We arrange a web call to find out more about your travel needs and interests. 


2. Design
We start to design a tour proposal based on all you have told us about yourself and your trip.


3. Hotels
We recommend a selection of 4* and 5* hotels across Portugal.


4. Concierge
Any reservations you require whilst in Portugal we will arrange for you including restaurants, spas, theatre and sports.


5. Travel App
Your full itinerary will be shared with you through our travel app. You will be able to connect with your travel designer and tour guide directly and immediately through the app.


6. Travel Support
We are constantly available to you throughout your tour.


Bespoke Tours Portugal

The monuments of Portugal are vast and distinct to each region. We introduce you to each part of Portugal through the monuments. From grand palaces to medieval castles, your official tour guide will describe the history of each place in detail. To really experience each region we then explore the food and wine, tasting the regional specialities and learning of their recipes and origins. We also share with you the crafts and products particular to the region, so you leave our bespoke tours in Portugal having totally experienced the region and its history and culture.

spas & wellness
Wellness Spa in Portugal on our bespoke tours

Relax and unwind at Portugal’s most luxurious spas. Portugal has many award winning, thermal spas all over the country. Many spas are set in wonderful rural areas, where you have the opportunity of discovering a really interesting part of Portugal. Enjoy a day or half day of wellness, including spa, treatments and a delicious lunch. Depending on your location, add a coastal tour or local viewpoints to explore the area more. You can even visit a winery or local village to purchase some regional, authentic products. 

unique experiences in nature
Stargazing in Portugal

We offer memorable and unique experiences in nature across Portugal. Each region has its own unique and special experiences to offer which we can incorporate into your tailor made tour. They include stargazing, picnics, dolphin watching, ballooning, fishing, coasteering, geotourism, hiking, horse-riding, helicopter rides, beach yoga, bike rides, wolf tracking, birdwatching and more. Please contact us referencing bespoke tours Portugal to find out more.

food & Wine
Portuguese wine on our Bespoke Tours Portugal

On our bespoke tours Portugal, we take you to the most exclusive restaurants and wineries in Portugal. Our guides are experts in Portuguese cuisine and wine. They will introduce you to regional dishes, culinary specialities, table and port wines. From rural, unknown tascas to city Michelin star restaurants, we have broad knowledge of all cuisine in Portugal and can fit to each individual taste. Experience a cooking class, Fado dinner, food tour, olive oil grove visit, harvest experiences, food festas and more.

Alentejo pottery on our Bespoke Tours Portugal

Portugal has many traditional ways of working, especially with the hands. Arts and crafts in Portugal include basketry, tiles, filigree jewellery, cow bells, pottery, textiles and more. We offer exclusive experiences with local crafts people; either observing them work or taking a class yourself. Your tour guide will share with you the local traditions, rural living and you can even discover and learn more about those crafts which are at risk of disappearing.

off the beaten track
Douro Vineyards on our Bespoke Tours Portugal

A bespoke tour is the perfect chance to get off the beaten track. We will take you to rural hideaways, secret beaches, hidden monuments, hilltop ruins and more. Discover parts of Portugal which are not well documented. Our expert tour guides know all the authentic, secret places to show you. Make your bespoke tour in Portugal totally unique by exploring new places, tasting the local specialities and learning the history and tales of some unique and undiscovered locations.

time on the water
Private yacht experience, Portugal

Spending time on the water in Portugal is an experience you will not forget. Hire a private yacht and enjoy wine on board, as you sail alongside natural parks, around beautiful bays or the rugged coastline.  You can also enjoy a relaxing sunset boat trip on Portugal’s rivers. We can also arrange other water activities such as surfing, kayaking and stand up paddle. With Portugal offering so much coastline and amazing beaches time on the water is a lovely addition to your bespoke tour in Portugal.

About Classic Portugal

Hi, I´m Hayley 

I created Classic Portugal Tours in 2019 to share my passion of experiencing Portugal as a tourist – because I was one! Back in 2016 I moved from London to Lisbon to follow my love of surfing. Since then I have spent much time travelling around Portugal, experiencing the country in many different ways, from visiting the grand monuments of Lisbon to hiking in the mountains with a traditional Portuguese shepherd. These days I am constantly searching for new places and new experiences in this beautiful country. I love to share what I discover with our international visitors and strive to craft tours with social impact in mind. Let me know how I am doing! 
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